EMail Marketing Best Practices

EMail Marketing become one of the best way to promote your business, services or products directly to your clients or new customers.

For email marketing generally you pay;
Rs 2500/- for 25000 email address promotion or
Rs 3500/- for 50000 email address promotion, may be
Rs 4000/- for 350000 email address promotion. What if you promote 25 times to 25000 email address, it will be cost to you Rs 62500/- (Rs 2500 x 25)
But our system not that way. We give you fully control at affordable price.

Our email marketing service gives you fully control for your business, services or products promotions. You have learn or experience marketing strategies in a books, article or in real life. It’s time for email marketing best practices.

How our system works? in steps;
1. We give you Email finding system
2. We give you email server and web based mailing software
3. We guide you, how to use web based mailing software, to send email.
4. You send emails. As much as you want per day or per month.


1. We give you email finding system.
Via email finding system of crawler anytime you can fiend millions of local and another country email address.

(This is screen shot of email finding system)

2. Email server price per month.

Medium Plans
5000 emails per month – 500 address – 1st month $ 6.99 – 2nd month – $ 9.99
25,000 emails per month – 2500 address – 1st month $ 7.99 – 2nd month – $ 14.99
50,000 emails per month – 5000 address – 1st month $ 14.99 – 2nd month – $ 29.99

Enterprise Plans
Unlimited emails per month – Unlimited address – $ 60 per month

Choose best fit plan for your budget and needs. Or get consultant advice via or +94779747348
Web based mailing software – Price – Free

3. We give you video instruction guide about how to add, edit or delete email address in web based mailing software. An easy way to understand video guide include how to manage your web based mailing software. Also we give you video instruction guide about how to use email finding system to fiend emails address.

4. We give you video instruction guide about how to Design your campaign using rich text editor built in mailing software, Send text or HTML emails with attachments. An easy way to understand video guide.

Need help with professional graphic designer? to design your email. We have dedicated team of best designers. Price for designing an email roughly cost $ 10 and depending on your work.

Web based mailing software Email Campaign Feature;
Automatic Unsubscribes; Insert the unsubscribe easily in your email campaign with the help of “insert unsubscribe link” button.
Forward to a Friend Link; Include a “Forward to friend” link in your email to encourage your subscriber to share your email. Also you can see who forwarded your email to friend and when, in a report.
Campaign Optimization; Tips View tips, tricks and advice to make sure your email campaign is optimized before sending, right from Big Commerce.

Full cost – Service Setup Fee (one time payment) = $ 50

Full cost per month =
Email server price (decide what is best fit plan below)

Medium Plans

Enterprise Plans
Unlimited emails per month – Unlimited address – $ 60 per month

Satisfied? Place your order;
Contact; or +94779747348