Blog for Chauffeur Guiders

If you are planing complete tourism web site please click here for more information’s.

Are you chauffeur guider? want to attract new customers? want to maintain your own web site? Ideal way to manage your business in the internet via blog site. Cost effective way to manage your own web site.

Below are list of main pages to include in blog site.

1. Home page:-
– Where the visitor see first and welcome message.
– List of services you are offering to your clients.
– Details about you and business / Vision / Mission / Your picture.
– Brief details about Sri Lanka and things to see & do

2. Contact us page:–
How visitors contact you. Your address / telephone / email / ect

3. Testimonials:–
Know as success stories or your previous recommendations or guest book

4. Tour packages:–
You can add Tour package with prices or without prices here. Video instruction gives you to manage your tour packages. Very easy way to add tour package by your own hand.

5. Blog Page:–
You can maintain updates for your web site, easy way. You can add anythings that you wish to tell the world. Video instruction gives you to manage your web site blog. Search engine optimization includes in this option.


Design Charges – Rs 1500/- Per Page
Discount – Rs 500/- Per Page
Charges after discount – Rs 1000/- Per Page

Web Hosting Charges – Rs 5000/- Per Year
Web Hosting Include Fallowing Options
1. One domain name registration (Example:-
2. 1 GB disk space with 10 GB monthly bandwidth
3. 1 email account (Example:-

Full Cost = Design Charges + Web Hosting Charges
Rs 10000/- = Rs 5000/- (5 Pages x Rs 1000) + Rs 5000/-

Contact us for more information:- or +94779747348