Unlimited Data Backup Service

Protect your valuable documents or any data in your laptop, personal computer, mobile or tablet. Our data backup service offers the best way to back up and store personal, business and enterprise data securely.

Why need backup?
1. Hardware failures
2. Virus attacks

How it’s works?
1. We install software in your device (laptop, personal computer, mobile or tablet)
2. Software will automatically backup your data to server
3. You can access anytime from anywhere your data on backup
4. Or our expert can recover data for you

Your device (laptop, personal computer, mobile or tablet) must have working internet connection. (Data charges in your internet service provider will apply)

Data Backup Service Features

– Unlimited Data volume backup

Designed to use minimal CPU power, you won’t even know it’s running. If your backup is interrupted, or you put your computer to sleep, software automatically resumes when your computer becomes available again. The file you’re working on right now is the one most in need of backup, so software backs up your most recent files first, then makes sure you have a full backup at one destination as soon as possible. Even while you’re working, software is silently crunching numbers in the background, de-duplicating data between all your files to keep your backups as small and efficient as possible. Have more files to back up than a single hard drive can hold? Most of us do. No problem. It has all your external hard drives covered. You can even remove and later reattach external hard drives without restarting the backup.

$ 15 – Per 1 user / per device / per month

Other service charges;
– Service installation charge – $ 5
– Restoring data service charge – $ 5
– Restoring data from our expert – $ 5 / per 1 GB

Order now contact:- hajitha.admin@qibcampus.com or +94779747348