How to setup POP3 email to Gmail

Why setup POP3 to Gmail?
– Easy access to both email accounts

Step 1
Log in to POP3 email account
Log in to Gmail account

Step 2
In top of the right hand side in Gmail account click gear icon and then setting, as fallows;

Step 3
Promoted window click Account and Import

Step 4
After that click on Add a POP3 mail account you own, as fallows;

Step 5
Popup window will appears and type pop3 full email address

Click on next step -> button

Step 6
Type full email address Username: field
Type your password
In POP Server: field type –
( is your Domain Name before it type mail.)

Click on Add account >> button below

Step 7

Click next step >> button

Step 8

Click next step >> button

Step 9

Fill the details and click on Add Account >> button

Step 10
Now, Gmail will email a verification code to the address you just added. Check your domains email for a message Gmail sent you. Click the link in the email, or Enter the code into the text box and click Verify.